Zebra Parking Lot Maintenance has provided quality parking lot maintenance services for the metropolitan Atlanta area for 27 years. We are licensed and carry all legally required insurance. At Zebra, only the highest quality of materials are used by our highly experienced professionals.

All jobs to be performed above $5,000.00 will need a 50% down payment and 50% due upon completion.

Minimum Charge – $600.00

All work guaranteed.


Department of Transportation approved traffic marking paint of the highest quality……heavily coated.

  • New lay out or design – $9.00 per parking line (standard length) or .50 cents per foot for lineal measurements. Double Coated $11.00 per parking line (standard length) or .61 cents per foot for lineal measurements.
  • Thermoplastic paint $15.50 per parking line (standard length) or .86 cents per foot for lineal measurements.

    We repaint thermoplastic thouroughly to make it look brand new. We guarantee your lot to be safe and functional abiding by all Georgia parking lot codes.
  • Re-stripe – $7.50 per line (standard length) or .42 cents per foot for lineal measurements. (The price for re-stripe includes correcting any imperfections on the existing lay out.)
  • Handicaps (blue square with emblem) – $55.00 each
  • Standard Size Directional Arrows 5′ long (curved or straight) – $24.00 each
  • Large “NO PARKING” (2’x 12′) – $18.00 each
  • Small “NO PARKING” (1’x 8′) – $15.00 each
  • “RESERVED” and “VISITOR” stencils – $14.00 each • Miscellaneous
  • Stencils (6″,10″,12″ inch) numbers or letters $2.25 each
  • Stencils (2′,3′,4′ feet) numbers or letters $3.50 each
  • Painted boxes – for stencils inside painted boxes, the price will be $1.75 per square foot – (based on the width of the box)
  • “STOP” stencil (3’x 5′ standard ) – $22.00 each
  • Standard Balk Line – $28.00 each
  • Speed Breaker – $1.35 per square foot
  • Curb and Gutter – $1.29 per lineal foot for any solid color
  • Curb Only – $1.19 per lineal foot for any solid color
  • 12″ “ELECTRIC VEHICLE PARKING ONLY” any solid color $58.00
  • Electric vehicle (emblems) any solid color $40.00
  • Bollards – $ 27.00 each primed and painted
  • Blacking out existing mistakes – We are capable of matching colors to the ground in order to cover up any unsightly work. In most cases, the cost is the same as the original prices to paint that item.
  • Glass beads – This item is used to make any of the previously listed items reflective. We recommend using glass beads over yellow paint, not white. Please ask about prices if you are interested.


Price quotes are based on installing signage into dirt, grass, or gravel. All posts are anchored with concrete. Additional charges may apply for installation into asphalt or concrete.

  • Standard Regulation Handicap with 10′ post – $175.00 each
  • Standard Regulation “Van Accessible” Handicap with 10′ post – $185.00 each
  • Standard Regulation “STOP” sign with 10′ post – $260.00 each


Bollards are steel cylinders installed into the ground to protect buildings and other structures. The bollards are filled and anchored securely with concrete, primed, and painted. They come in many sizes… Average price for 6″ inch diameter bollard. (Grass/Dirt) $625.00 each (Concrete/Asphalt) $705.00 each


Indestructible speed breakers with embedded reflectors (black and yellow) delivered and installed with end caps. $390.00 per 7′ foot section with end caps.


$20 per square foot cold patch. Includes debris removal, patch, and tamped/rolled.


Our parking blocks are solid concrete with enforced rebar. New Parking Blocks delivered, set and pinned into asphalt or concrete – $95.00 each
Parking Blocks and pins already provided on site….set and pinned on asphalt – $22.00 each – pins included if needed on concrete – $25.00 each
Additional Pins – $2.00 each
Parking Block Removal – $25.00 each. (Includes clean up and disposal)
Parking Blocks Painted – $30.00 each (Any Color)


Removal of weeds, dirt, trash, and random debris using industrial sweepers, vacuums, and high powered blowers with a lot of elbow grease included as well. Prices range between .15¢ – .25¢ per square yard depending on the lot condition.


A tar based sealant for cracks more than 1/4″. Hot crack filling pays for itself by delaying expensive asphalt resurfacing. You can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and double the surface life expectancy. $1.40 per lineal foot depending on the amount of weeds or debris in the cracks.


A mixture of coal tar, sand, water, and chemical additives used to preserve and weatherproof asphalt. The material is applied over the entire surface of your asphalt lot and will provide a brand new appearance. We use only the highest quality materials. The minimum charge for any seal coat job is $1,450.00. In most cases, seal coating is priced at $1.60 per square yard. Please call for a price quote.


(covers gas, mileage, and labor to and from the job location)

Under 20 miles outside the I-285 perimeter no charge. 20 – 30 miles outside the I-285 perimeter $ 75.00 30 – 40 miles outside the perimeter $ 100.00. $1.25 per mile total round trip for anything over 40 miles outside the perimeter. We Appreciate Your Business!

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Free Online Quote

Upload a competitor's quote and we'll beat it.